Will Howard, Associate Judge -- 2010-Present

Will Howard swears into second 4 year term as Judge of Orphans' Court by Talbot County Clerk of the Court, Mary Ann Shortal
  • Graduate, Country School, SS Peter & Paul High School, Easton, Maryland
  • B.A. in Communications from University of Maryland,  College Park, Maryland
  • Elected to Talbot County Orphans’ Court – 2010
  • Subsequent Injury Fund--Member of 3 person panel representing the “people of Maryland”, appointed by the Governor and approved by Maryland Senate, to hear appeals from the Workers’ Compensation Committee (1993-96)
  • Reporter Associated Press, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Reporter/Writer Baltimore News American--Hertz National Award 1969
  • Chesapeake Publishing -- nominated for Pulitzer Prize for 7-part series on substandard housing 1997
  • Producer, Host “Man About Town” series on MCTV Channel 15 – 2009 to present
  • Community Service:  Recipient of eight Governors Citations from six Maryland Governors for community service; Chairman-George Murphy Community Pool 1995; Purchaser and Organizer of restoration of Avalon Theatre in Public/Private Partnership 1984; President-Talbot Paramedic Foundation for 25 years; President-Talbot Hospice Foundation 1985 (start of Festival of Trees); Founding Director-Court Appointed Special Advocates; Talbot County Chamber of Commerce-Small Business Man of the Year 1986; Founder-Easton’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Potato Race 1982; Co-Founder Operation Christmas Spirit 1981; Founder-Great May Fly-Away 1978; Easton Air Shows
  • Native of Talbot County; married to Dorothy Howard since 1976 with four children.

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William James Howard, a native of Easton, Maryland, has spent a lifetime developing knowledge and expertise across an array of different areas, accomplishing feats of business, preservation, and charity in the process.

In 1993 Will Howard was appointed by the Governor and approved by the Senate to be the people's representative of the 3-member Subsequent Injury Fund reviewing appeals from Workman's Compensation. John L. Ulrich, Director, said "Mr Howard was greatly admired by this agency for his dedication and it is with the utmost confiidence that we strongly recommend Mr. Howard for consideration in any public endeavor he chooses to undertake."

With the help of many others who wanted to preserve Easton's historic district, Howard helped save the Avalon Theatre from being turned into a parking lot, buying it in 1986 and completing restoration in 1988, eventually opening three restaurants in the building.

Utilizing his media and business skills with the support of local businesses, he was able to organize several community projects over the years including:
> Operation Christmas serving and delivering hundreds of dinners, coats, groceries to needy families on Christmas since 1981;
> Habitat for Humanity's building of two houses in two days;
> Operation Safe Home, installing 1,000 smoke detectors in 5 counties utilizing all fire departments and volunteers in one day;
> Writing a series of 7 exposés published on the front page of the Star Democrat in 1996 on substandard housing (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize) which led to Talbot's housing initiative;
> Producing a video that brought attention and eventually running water to the community of Chester Park;
>The installation of Automated External Defibrillators to over 100 local businesses.

Will Howard was also chairman of the founding of Easton's Community Pool.

Authority of Sheila Wainwright, Treasurer
Easton, Maryland
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